A young woman who has received treatment for generalised anxiety disorder

Treatment For Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Do you worry constantly and live in an almost constant state of fear or dread? Do you worry about money, health, work or family as well as everyday events and situations? This treatment is ideal for anyone who wants to reduce their anxiety and to worry less.

Treatment For Stress

Sometimes life can get overwhelming. Whether it is work, relationships, a bereavement, or a combination of things, sometimes we find it difficult to cope with everything we have to deal with. We offer a treatment for stress that helps you to feel calmer, more optimistic and better able to face life’s challenges.

A team are in their workplace, sat at their desks apart from their manager who is standing. They all look happy, calm and enjoying their work.
Treatment for social anxiety to help you to work alongside other people.

Treatment For Social Anxiety

Do you feel nervous or uncomfortable in social situations? Do you find it difficult to speak in front of others? Do you feel sick at the thought of doing a presentation or public speaking? This treatment is ideal for you if you would like to feel calmer in social situations.

Treatment For Specific Phobias

Whether it is a fear of flying, spiders or clowns, a phobia is an irrational fear that feels very real and can be very upsetting. We offer personalised hypnotherapy treatment, based on a highly effective evidence-based technique, to help you to face your fears in a calm relaxed way.

A young man who has overcome his phobia of flying.
A young woman who has overcome her panic attacks working with her colleagues.

Treatment For Panic Disorders

Do you struggle with intense episodes of fear and panic, usually for no apparent reason? Does the panic get so strong that you feel like you are having a heart attack, going crazy or dying? This treatment is ideal if you are feeling overwhelmed by feelings of fear or panic.

Treatment For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Have you been involved in a highly distressing experience? Is it still affecting your daily life, even though it happened in the past? Do you struggle with nightmares or flashbacks? 

A man is outside leaning against a bannister. He is smiling and happy and looks confident and relaxed after his post-traumatic stress disorder treatment.
3 women are sat in a cafe wearing work clothes.They are no longer troubled by their irritable bowel syndrome.

Treatment For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Have you been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Do you struggle with discomfort in your stomach and gut? Do you feel bloated, have constipation or diarrhoea? Do you worry about going out in case you have an accident?