• Pay As Yo Go
  • £65
  • Cost per 1-hour session
  • Face to face or via Skype
    Free recordings of all key exercises
    Handouts & Assignments
    Email support between sessions
  • £40 deposit required and balance of £200 to be paid at the first session.
  • BEST VALUE 4 session package
  • £240
  • Discount offered for clients who pay in advance for a block booking of 4 sessions.
  • Face to face or via Skype
    Free recordings of all key exercises
    Handouts & Assignments
    Email support between sessions
  • £40 deposit required and balance of £200 to be paid at the first session.


Complimentary Face to Face Consultation

All new clients will receive a free face to face consultation in our offices in Wigan. The purpose of this is to allow you the opportunity to explore your issues and treatment goals and ask any relevant questions about Hypno-ACT and the treatment that we offer. It also allows me to better understand your requirements and prepare accordingly.

On completion of the consultation a decision is made between both parties, a deposit is paid if required, and your first appointment is booked in.


Appointments generally last approx 1 hour. Prompt arrival and early notification of late arrival is appreciated.

Appointment changes or cancellation require a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellation fees of 50% to be waived.

We will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible of appointment changes or cancellation.

To aid comfort during the session and to help you to relax please do not wear contact lenses or restrictive or tight-fitting clothes to the session.


Confidentiality is maintained at all times except where there is a requirement to share information eg General Practitioner consent, client referral, clinical supervision or the immediate risk of danger to the client or others. Information is stored and protected in accordance with GDPR.

Safety & Wellbeing

This treatment does not replace any treatments or prescribed medications currently being undertaken. Clients who are currently undergoing any medical treatment should seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner before commencing any hypnotherapy. Permission may be required from your medical practitioner before hypnotherapy treatment can commence.


The treatment offered will usually include established forms of therapy including hypnosis, mindfulness and CBT, that have been used over many years. However, Wigan Anxiety Centre does not guarantee the effectiveness of treatment or any specific outcomes. As with any form of therapy, the success of the treatment depends upon many factors including the relationship between client and therapist and the commitment of the client. Hypnosis is not mind control and requires clients to take responsibility for their own active involvement in the therapy. Hypno-ACT does not replace proper medical treatment and where appropriate the anxiety coach will refer clients back to their GP.

In between sessions you will be given tasks to complete. Failure to complete tasks may reduce the effectiveness of treatment.

Most clients will require an average of between 6-12 appointments, depending on the nature and severity of their presenting issues, although some clients might require more sessions. A variety of techniques may be used and the client and anxiety coach will work together to agree on the best course of action.

Content on this website does not replace medical advice and is for informational purposes only.

Anxiety Coach Declaration

In order to support you in deriving maximum benefits from our scheduled time together, I agree to:

  • Offer you my undivided attention and professional assistance during our scheduled consultations
  • Inform you immediately if, in my judgment, you would be better served by another professional or an alternative/complementary means of reaching your goals
  • Assist you in achieving maximum results in the shortest possible time.